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Post Holiday Kin Horse Race: 8pm 10th Jan

Date: Jan 10, 2020
Time: 08:00 PM
Posted by: Fideliss
Category: Special Event
Time to banish those post holiday Blues.

A kin horse race!

Anyone can join, the route starts at The Last Bridge in the Lone Lands and finishes at the bridge outside Brees West gate. The route will go through Bree itself passing the Boar Fountain and The Prancing Pony.
The Rules: Only use a 62% speed mount. Follow the route. No buffs, tomes, class perks or ports etc to be used. Jockeys will be in a fellowship so that progress can be watched.

Can the contenders let me have their names and the name of their horse by 1st Jan ( by either posting below, on Discord or ingame). A list of those participating will be sent out to the kin via ingame mail on 2nd Jan and kinnies can then bet on who they think will win....betting closes on 9th Jan. (Details of how to bet will follow).
Bets cost 100 silver each and the winners will share the collected prize fund (plus a little extra).

If there is interest on the day then we will hold a fun only reverse race: This will be the route reversed...contenders can use any mount, any buffs etc (apart from ports) and they may choose the route they think is basically a free for all.

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