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Tomb of Elendil lvl 40. Levels 36-42 welcome

Date: Dec 04, 2019
Time: 08:30 PM
Posted by: Boarcas
Category: 3/6mans
Once upon a time, there was a dwarf. He pondered about his armpits, and why they had this aroma of... of ..

Okay lets not.

I need to retrieve the Silithar for Aragorn. The lazy bum couldn't get it himself. At the end of this, i sure count on some sort of remark from tolkien. At the least!

Sorry off-track again.

Alright alright, Tomb of Elendil. Come join us for funz and cookies.

6-man. Anyone welcome. I heard it can be a long one. Comments welcome about anything worthy of note i forgot to mention.

EDIT: facepalm hard, forgot to name the level.
Tank (1)

4. Ublala Guardian

Damage (2)

2. Boaram Champion

3. Alecard Champion

Support (1)

1. Yitro Minstrel



Do I need to have the corresponding quest to start the instance and participate in this run? Or am I good to join regardless?
You can join without the quest, if you have already done it, or never have.
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