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#13854820 Sep 09, 2018 at 11:37 AM
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Hi \o

Im Caprilia and joined the Kin yesterday. I play this game since 2011. I would say i began Raiding for the first time with the Pelennor Cluster out. Im an Officier at Prime, a successful Kin regarding the Abyss of Mordath t2c Content.
As for Classes i have good knowledge about LM and Captain. (Mains)

So why did i Join? Simply because i love Lotro and i really really miss all the old great Instances and Raids.
I always wanted to create my own project like Narv but i sadly dont have time to organize and lead events for another Group :D Also it will be a nice change of the usual hardcore Approach. I can say im very glad too find this Project and im looking forward to play with you!

Personal: Im a 24 dude from Germany with Turkish roots and i work Mondays-Thursdays and have Seminars from Fridays-Sunday every 3 Weeks. My hobbies/Activities besides Gaming: Olympic Weightlifting, Playing Saz/Baglama
#13929588 Dec 27, 2018 at 03:57 PM · Edited 11 months ago
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Hello =3

I'm Hwinniel the 32 year old elf hunter from Sweden and I joined the kin yesterday.

I've been playing LotRO on and off for about 6 years on one character, which is still only lvl 48 X3 so I should fit in here nicely yes? XD It took that long because I was also at that time an avid player, officer and raider in World of Warcraft with my guild there, a game which I've also played for 14 years. I played LotRO when I got those small break times. But at this time WoW is not calling to me like it have before, so I've come back here again, and I don't think I will get back into WoW like before for a longer period of time.

Before when I've played LotRO I've always played by myself and almost never done dungeons/instances, because (as I found out kind of late lol) I'd made my char on a US server. So when I slept everyone else was online lol.

So now I'm very glad Thorhalla made that recruit message in chat ^w^ coz this kin sounds exactly what I've been looking for: A kin that is ok with me being away from game some times for a longer period of time when that may happen, without kicking me; that WANT to do lower lvl content and not just rush things AND seems to be nice non elitist ppl overall.

I hope we will have fun times together. ^W^
#13936858 Jan 07, 2019 at 06:01 PM
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Hi everyone :)

I am Suz, and also Jaella & Co. when I get the chance.

I am mum of 2 young children and working 40 hours a week so that's not as often as I would like!

I had friends who played WoW on initial release and although intrigued at the idea of a MMO, it wasn't until I heard about LotRO that I made the jump to give it a go.

I have been playing since the game was first released and never felt the need for any other game.

I met my husband in 2008 and have convinced him to join me in Middle-Earth as well.

I have always been on Evernight, and was officer in a kinship of friends for many long years.

However, I became incredibly frustrated at the grind of gear, gear, gear, that I decide to delete all 12 of my level cap characters and start them again - go back to the beginning and enjoy content on level.

I saw an ad for Carefree and thought this might be best enjoyed in the company of like-minded people, so here I am!

I love group content and helping kinmates with everything and anything, from raids and instances to deeds and festivals.

If I'm online, I'm happy to help :)

Pleased to meet you all!
#13959300 Feb 06, 2019 at 12:00 AM
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Hello ;]

Lawrence is the name, 37 yo , ex-mil, bungee instructor, ultra runner and adrenaline junkie, father of wonderfull 1,5yo girl.

My rl buddy convinced me to play LOTRO and it sucked me in. I saw your ad in game and here i am :)

Prior mmo experience: Warhammer and SWTOR. I like playing not 100% archetype accurate [if game give that chance] dps-like tanks [Swordmaster in WAR, dps BountyHunter in SW] and such.

I am completely new to LOTRO, atm i focus myself on crafting aspect - trying maximize my metalsmith potential ;]

If i can be of any help [need my crafting abilities or a meatshield] just contact me in game :)
#14025677 Apr 09, 2019 at 01:50 PM
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My char in the kin is Evonil. L12 hunter currently.
I'm in my 20s and I enjoy low level content far more than those frustrating end game raids where it's all about the perfect gear and just when you have it, the level cap is raised! I think the aria of the valar is the most idiotic thing invented in Lotro.
I love to do instances, fellowship quests, raids and even normal quests together in Eriador (and soon Moria?).

I can craft you anything (except metalsmith), so just send me a message with what you need :)
#14040770 Apr 14, 2019 at 12:46 AM
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Hello =)

I'm Wendy, from England and I am old enough to know better.
I used to play LOTRO a few years ago but life got very busy so it went on the back-burner, but, as so many others have pointed out, it seems to pull you back in and you never lose your joy in it.

I currently only play Fideliss but I do have toons on this and other servers. They are dormant and I have no intention of waking them up.
I'm really bad at this game so I wouldnt want to give the impression that I'm anywhere near as competent as the levels may suggest....I just had a lot of help.

I love exploring and poking my nose into hidden places. I would love to get into fellowship content more but to be honest I played a minstrel previously and found it all incredibly stressful.

Looking forward to making new friends and having new adventures with you lovely people x

#14072551 Apr 23, 2019 at 01:34 AM
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I've spammed you ingame long enough already, not sure what else i can do before you kick me.
Tried emptying the kin vault out, but all i saw was trash really, a disgrace honestly. I do have my standards; not to ruffle any feathers mind, just being honest.

Am nothing if not persistent however, i will hatch something up.

Cluck cluck.
Pride, honour and purity.
#14136072 May 16, 2019 at 11:38 AM
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Hi, I'm Ken from Scotland. Getting close to retiring now that daughter has moved out and son will finish university in a year or so.

I have just returned to LOTRO after a few years absence. Didn't get very far then, being, at the time, heavily in to WoW, Eveonline, and assorted Korean eye candy. Got to say that I am enjoying my return - very much like the exploring new things journey.

Attracted to Carefree because of two things. Seems a mature and responsible kin, but, also, very much like the lvl cap. Been burned out many times in the past rushing to max lvl only to raid farm etc on and on. Always preferred to level alts, if nothing else to see things from a fresh perspective.

I have a (just - if only I waited) lvl 53 RK; a lvl 22 RK; a lvl 30ish Mi; and a couple of crafting alts. I've always tended towards ranged dps/healing, so here will be no different.

Looking forward to running instances soon.
#14171408 Jul 05, 2019 at 11:46 AM · Edited 3 months ago
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Muppit here..or Sam, 25 from the UK.

I've played since not long after SoA release in summer 2007 (ish). I played on Eldar, mostly casually, at level cap until around 2011 just before Isengard was released taking a long break.

Returning in 2014 around the Osgilliath release, I played on Eldar until the serve merge took place and then moved with my then kinship Silent Paths. I lead the kinship and completed all T2c content, including TotDT raid during this period playing a tanking Warden, Lasipz (main), Red/Yellow Captain (Isilious) and Hunter (Lasious) until June 2017 upon taking another break. I returned about a year later and played more casually but taking part in AoM T2c with friends from my second stint. I took another break from then until now, playing casually for now, and enjoying life with you guys more often than not.

I have fair class knowledge, particularly of those I mentioned above who are all capped at present. However, I am fairly new to the Minstrel and healing in general, which I am playing with you guys. Any advice on a Minstrel is welcome, and any advice on Warden, Captain, Hunter is available if anyone requires.

I also have Scholar, Tailor, Weaponsmith, Woodworker guilded at max tier, and Tinker max tiered, so if you need anything just give me a shout.

My other alts in the kinship are Lasbo (Burglar L28), Linrae (Champion L25), and Cirdalf (LM).

Gaming outside LotRO extends to the Xbox One, playing the usual suspects, GTA, FIFA 19, Call of Duty and FallOut and Red Dead now and again if anyone else plays?

Looking forward to playing more with you guys are re-living the older content!

#14220019 Oct 01, 2019 at 06:19 PM
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Alright, lets do this. I'm Boar and Rick is my real name.

I played lotro growing up, and somehow it cemented itself into my brain, because i tried other mmo's but none have such an experience as Lotro for me.

I once played on snowbourn, and had my first kin experience there. After the first kin bled to death i moved on and at some point i was in a great kin which really changed the gameplay aswell for me. After the merges i transfered to Laurelin with the same kin, but i was always one of the lowest lvls because 90% of the players where in end-game. After a couple of years and a few months back i returned and this time i wanted to have more people at low lvls to run instances together. I specifically searched for a kin in that range and i stumbled upon Carefree.

What more to tell... I'm 25, i live in the netherlands and besides gaming i read a lot.

I"m gonna follow Phil's example and name:

Proudest moment in Lotro: I think soloing that big hp pooled frog-like creature in Moria with my warden, many years ago.

Most embarrassing Lotro moment: walking stoically past the trolls that turned into stone in Trollshaws, just blanking and thinking 'hey some stone trolls here'. I think i remembered a couple of days later, that i suddenly had my 'oh wait! moment hehe.

Okay. Thank you for reading this very personal introduction that will now change your life.
Boarcas - Loremaster
Boaram - Champion
#14224066 Oct 08, 2019 at 05:01 PM
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My name is Alec and I just hit 38 a month ago. Been playing games since early school days. Started on ZX Spectrum, then 8bit console, then PC. Honestly, never played MMOs much. Tried a few for a couple of dozen hours but nothing really stuck with me. I first tried LOTRO in 2016 and it just hit me how great that game turned out to be. Incredibly well-aged, comfortably slow-paced, especially compared to modern run-and-gun affairs, and still very nice looking. LOTRO's version of Middle-Earth turned out to be the one with a very distinct feel to it, with an incredible sense of place. Unfortunately after clocking a few hundred hours I had to take a several years break due to real-life stuff. Coming back to the game today I found myself completely lost and overwhelmed when trying to continue on an old character. Initially I thought that after creating a new character and playing it for a bit to refamiliarize myself with the game I'll just go back to the old one, but quite soon I realized that I completely forgot the game's story and I was having too much fun with this new character anyway, so I decided just to continue playing. I joined a bigger kinship shortly after, but the lack of lower-level kin activities, unwillingness to help along with the questionable behaviour of some of its members lead me to leave it. So here I am in what I hope to be my new permanent home.

Great to be acquainted, everybody!
#14233096 Oct 22, 2019 at 11:11 AM
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Guten Tag!

I‘m Michael from Germany, you can call me Mike or by my ingame name :)

Been playing Lotro back in the Moria days ( best expansion in any MMO ever imho) on German server Belegaer. I could never keep up with the level Progression there, so I spent most of my time in middle earth roleplaying or just casually strolling around . After a several year long break and a partly successful visit to the Legendary server, I decided to make Evernight my new home and looking forward to meaningful and funny in-game experiences here.

I like melee classes, dwarves and hobbits as characters ( never played the ominous Elven hunter past the starter area), though I might spend some time experimenting around until I’ve found my new class of choice on the server .

Reasons I’ve joined the kin are :

- reliving the „classic“ Content on Level and with Players I know
- actually being able to join the Rift once ( yes, I’ve never been inside so far and know the place only from dark tales and legends, hereby sticking to the Tolkienesque rule of „some places are better left unexplored“ )
- no pressure or rush whatsoever . Leveling at my own pace, alternating grouping with solo play and not having to worry about missing out sth by not being online for a while
- your international Player base , Spanning different time zones ( explained down below )

Apart from LOTRO I enjoy reading Tolkien‘s work extensively , i‘m a fan of languages and linguistics ( anything from Chinese to Ancient Greek to Sindarin ) and I also play on the PS4 .

Concerning my on times: while I am able to log in during most EU evenings for the time being, things will look differently starting from January. I‘ll be in Taiwan for a rather long time then, so you’ll probably find me more during the afternoons and maybe some evenings on weekends.

Again, thanks for having me and see you in Middle Earth!
#14237853 Oct 29, 2019 at 07:55 PM
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Yeah i know.... it's about time....actually way overdue😎

My lotro story starts in april or may 2007. At that time you could buy a lifetime lotro account for 150 euro's (I think).
Still got the original box in my bookcase.

Started playing on Gilrain but after our kin died I went to Whitywindle where I played most of the content with minor pauses. But never got a toon above lvl100, as I get bored often and switch to my monster. A nice looking defiler going by the name of McDoomy, hency my kinda weird warden name 😋. Still got people asking me if i am that defiler, guess i was a bit famous/infamous on Withywindle anyway. Don't know if there are any pvp'ers in the kin though.

After the server merge i kinda lost track of a lot of people/friends. They all went to other servers or stopped playing. So i started all over again with my favorite free people class a warden and of course i still have my defiler here too, just haven't played him in a long time.

In real life i am a software developer/engineer. Haven't stopped playing/programming with computers ever since i got my first one, a Commodore 64. Still fire it up sometimes, just for the good old memories i guess.

I like Carefree because its slow and i'm not that fast as i used to be😎. I like the old content/raids like Angmar and Moria a lot. Really want to take it slow and do all quests, see all area's even in instances. Sometimes it's kinda hard when 5 people are waiting for me to start the fight as a tank and i'm just looking around enjoying the view😂

Well i guess that's it for now, if you have any questions or want to know more just let me know :)