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About Us - What is the Kin about?

Kin Rules and Ethos - Essential reading for new members:

Tell Us About Yourself - Help us to help you.

How the Kin works - What are Companies?

Availability - Tell us when you are online

How to Post Events

Maythorn's Guide to Fellowship Manoeuvres

Basic rules of Kin grouping and instances

Carefree Kin House

The Carefree Channel and how to use it

Ant's Minstrel Videos - Learning How to Heal

Ant's Low Level Minstrel Builds and Tips (L16 to L26)

Guide to Epic Battles

Auto-login and other tips

Settings to reduce Crashes

Demystifying LOTRO content for newbies

Our Channels
Carefree Channel: /joinchannel carefree
Web Site:

Note: this list will be expanded on in the future.
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