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My videos ( will show you some basic techniques for monitoring your FS for heals, getting Ballads and Anthems up. and why you should and Cutting Inductions.

However they lack a general approach to the Blue and Red lines, for healing and DPS, which I'll cover here. As ever, you may play your Minstrel differently and that's fine, these are my tips for L16 to L26 Minstrels. I've probably forgotten something but these are the main points.

You may have from seven to eleven or more points depending on your level and which class deeds you have completed. I'll explain where your points should go in Blue and Red. At low levels you won't have enough points to dip into other lines so we aim to maximise your healing or DPS here.

The Blue Line
This is for a healing Minstrel. You get the Blue Line skill Soliloquy of my Spirit, the only Minstrel heal that you can use on the move.

Here's where I place my points in Blue:
5 points in T1 Soothing Voice for +10% Healing output.
5 Points in T2 Improved Bolster Courage for +20% Bolster Courage healing.
5 points in T3 Quick Melody for -20% *all* skill inductions.

So the T1 increases your healing output by 10%, the T2 increases your main heal by another 20% and finally the T3 lets you cast them all faster. You should get these as fast as you can for faster and more powerful healing.

With 10 points in Blue you also get passives:
Block Rating: +2592 Block
Resonant Ballads: +3% Ballad Healing

Healing Hints:
First you should set up your display so that you can easily see all FS members and their HP bars (see my video 1).

Always be in Resonance stance for the +10% to healing.

When running from mob to mob, cast Soliloquy of my Spirit on your tank. This is a HoT (Health over Time) that stacks three times, giving out healing pulses every three seconds for 45 seconds. The CD (cool down) is 1.5 seconds, so by the time the tank is getting aggro you should have a stack of three on him. These gentle pulses won't drag aggro from a good tank.

If there's time, cast three Soliloquy of my Spirit on yourself as you run in.

The above has been nerfed but Major Ballad (the healing ballad) can now be used with no enemy targeted. So use it three times as you run from mob to mob then get your Anthem(s) up. Note they drop if you are out of a fight for more than 9 seconds but your Anthems stay up.

Major Ballad now also gives an AoE heal to those nearby plus another 10% healing with all three up. Anthem of the Third Age Resonance then adds anothe 10% Healing plus -25% from Induction times. With all three Major Ballads and Anthem(s) up as you start a fight, your heals are very fast and powerful.

A nice way to both get Major's up and keep your heals fluid is to put in a Major Ballad between other more powerful healing skills which also sustains a nice AoE heal on the Fellowship. Throw in an Inspire Fellows after a group spike with Major Ballads wrapped around it and you have very fluid AoE heals but read the section on Threat below!

Once settled in to a fight, get your Ballads and Anthem up fast (video 2). You can use Raise the Spirit for quick top-up heals and Bolster Courage (BC) for more serious heals (you can cut BC if you've learned how, Video 3).

For a minor spike Inspire Fellows is useful but the long induction time and weak healing make it less than optimal.

If you have your ballads and anthems up you can also use the Coda for a big single-target heal then the instant BC that the anthem provides for two large instant heals, either both on the tank or one on the tank and the other on another FS member.

Always focus your heals on the Tank, then yourself. After that Captains or RKs. You might have to be ruthless about this, a dead tank is a wipe, anyone else is a rez.

Threat Management
There's currently only one good way to manage threat when pouring out heals and that's Lute Strings. You can buy -5% threat ones from the Minstrel trainer but they are pretty rubbish. If you have Yeoman or access to a T1 farmer and a T2 cook you can craft far better ones. I can explain how if requested.

The non-critted ones give -10% Healing Threat for five minutes. The critted ones give -12% Healing Threat for ten minutes.

If running into an area where I know adds, pop-ups and so on will appear I pop the non-critted one. This gives me five minutes to pour heals out. For boss fights, I pop a critted one, giving me 10 mins of -12% threat, which can make a big difference.

The Red Line

This is for soloing Minstrels or grouped that wish to output DPS. You get the Red Line skill Call to Fate, a ST (single-target) skill that has a very high critical chance. Often used as a finisher for mobs low on HP.

Always be in Dissonance stance for the +25% to Ballad damage. Note that if in DPS in a group, you can quickly change to Resonance stance to put some heals out, then go back to Dissonance.

Here's where I place my points in Red:
1 point in T1 Concussive Shout. This stuns a mob for 5 seconds if it crits plus adds a +30% Critical Chance. It's a win-win.
5 points in T1 The Fundamentals +25% Ballad and Code damage.
5 points in T2 Discordant Cries +25% Damage to all Cries and Calls.
1 point into Call of Orome gives you an AoE (area of effect) skill that hits up to seven mobs.
2 points into Improved Call of Orome adds another four targets and +25% Call of Orome damage.

Those fourteen points give you:
A five second stun with higher crit chance
+25% damage to ballads, coda, cries and calls.
An eleven mob AoE with massive damage.

You also get the passives:
Discordant Ballads: All ballads give you +5% Tactical Damage.
Piercing Cries: The chance of a mob to resist your calls and cries is reduced by 10%

Mobs One on One
Hit your Piercing Cry, see if it stuns.
Put on Timeless Echoes of Battle for three big debuffs on the mob.
While the mob is in the distance, start hitting it with Minor/Perfect ballads to get your buffs up.
Once the mob is close, hit it with Call to Fate.
Use your Coda of Fury for massive damage if you don't mind losing your ballads.
If it's not dead, either finish with Piercing Cry or anything that's not on CD.
If it's a longer boss fight, hit Piercing Cry and if it stuns, get off a Bolster Courage.
Use Raise the Spirit for fast heals that stand a far better chance of not being interrupted.

Multiple Mobs
Be ready to kite!
Use Invocation of Elbereth to fear one mob if it safe to do so.
Hit the healer or main mob with Piercing Cry, see if it stuns.
If it stuns, change target to the next mob and hit it with Call to Fate.
Put on Timeless Echoes of Battle for three big debuffs on the healer or highest HP mob.
Once mobs are closing in, focus on one in the middle of the group and hit Call of Orome.
If Piercing Cry, Call to Fate and Call of Orome are all on 10s CD, you can kite while hitting your ballads. Focus on hosing one mob down at a time.
Use your Coda of Fury for massive damage if you don't mind losing your ballads.
Again, use either Raise the Spirit or Bolster Courage to heal.

Your three main hitters (Piercing Cry, Call to Fate and Call of Orome) all have a 10s CD, so try to hit each one every three seconds or so in rotation so you always have one coming off CD every three seconds. Hit your Minor/Perfect ballads between the big three as they come off CD to keep up constant DPS.

Use Story of Courage if you get a condition on you (now instant with 10s CD) but be aware it's a three second cast time. Sometimes it's easier to simply heal through the condition or wait for it to wear off.
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