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As the kin grows and strengthens its level 50 population, the gate of The Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu and the biggest challenge of our time begins to open up.

It will still be a few weeks before serious attempts at besting this challenge will occur but in the mean time I would like to take it upon myself to introduce the mechanics, and organize exploratory and training runs and eventually lead the raid until such time as practically anyone else willing to lead takes this role.

If you are new to raiding don't worry. Everyone was new at one point. Although this is one of the hardest encounters, T1 requires no gear grind or perfect execution. That said there will be wipes and certain level of stress. Not everyone is willing put up with it, not everyone finds the good outweighs this. If you are level 50 and don't feel like participating, that is OK. Participation is optional.


Notably, there is a unique armor class set to be earned, by bartering gems dropped by bosses. We will probably use the simple Need/Greed/Pass rules. Keep in mind that the game will prevent you from selecting Need too many times within a certain period of time, and that it will take several runs to earn the full set. There are also weapons and shields to be bartered for gems.

Ideally every Carefree player who wants it will be able to earn the armor set. Although you can share earned gems with alts, we will prioritize allowing each player earn a full set first.

Near Perfect Sapphire --- Barz and Zurm --- Boots
Sparkling Diamond --- Frûz --- Gloves/Gauntlets
Glinting Amethyst --- Zogtark --- Leggings
Glowing Red Ruby --- Narnûlubat --- Chest
Opal --- Thrâng --- Helm
Dazzling Emerald --- Thaurlach --- Shoulders
Fiery Quartz --- Thaurlach --- Weapons and shields


Let us begin with some basics.

* MT always pulls (for initial aggro)

MT (Main Tank) or OT (Off-Tank) should be the first one to hit a group of mobs in order to get the default aggro so all mobs will attack the tank without any taunts.

* MT has time to build aggro (stay your dps and heals)

This isn't a DPS race, so don't start off with your hard hitting attacks. If MT needs a few seconds alone with the mobs, give it to them. They shouldn't need to ask. This includes healing. Applying HOTs to tank prior to the pull will draw mobs to the healer right away. Unless the tank is in trouble, don't heal right away. Tank may choose to wait for HOTs to run out before a pull, so be patient.

Note: If you do end up grabbing a mob just stop DPS immediately, allow the tanks to grab it but don't expect them to run after it, move into taunt range if necessary.

* DPS minds CC (avoid breaking dazes)

Sometimes it is vital that targets stunned by CC stay stunned. Get into the habit of avoiding breaking dazes. If possible MT will pull away from them so AOE can be used.

Note: Warden tanks break stuns. When a warden is tanking, ideally, the CC will stun the designated target first, and then the warden tank will "catch" the rest of the mobs as they approach the CC. This is most fun and sometime it is necessary to stun first (e.g. Hillmen Slave).

* DPS follows TA (centralized DPS)

Concentrated fire makes fights more safe and often times it is even vital to take down designated mobs first. TA (Target Assist) will target prority mobs if any. Ranged DPS will always assist the TA.

* All keep healers safe

Except MT, OT and TA and others with specific tasks, try keep the healers in your field of view, and grab anything of off them if need be. Their heals are more important than more DPS on boss.


There may be many different strategies but keep in mind it is always up to the leader to decide. Any suggestions are welcome but please use this thread for extensive discussion.

* Kill Troll Keeper first, then Troll quickly, keep them together

Everyone attacks Troll Keeper. When Troll Keeper is down, all attack the Troll. While Troll Keeper is alive, Troll will randomly attack anyone, so all stay close to Troll Keeper and the MT to prevent separating them. Troll deals massive damage when separated from his Troll Keeper.

* CC Hillmen Slave ASAP, tank and interrupt Slave Master while killing off Hillmen Workers

CC stuns Hillman Slave to prevent her from healing Slave Workers. Kill Hillmen Workers first, then Orc Slave Master, and Hillmen Slave last. Interrupt the Master while workers are alive.

* Tank/CC Orc Master, kill Miners first

Kill the Pale Miners first, Orc Master last. CC may stun Orc Master to avoid damage. TA will target non-elite workers first.

* Kill Summoner first, Fire Worms last

Kill Summoner first to prevent them from summoning adds. CC may stun Worms to avoid damage while the Summoner is being dealt with.

* Interrupt Fumarole as much as possible

Group will advance in a single file. Take down Fumaroles one by one, anyone who can will constantly interrupt to prevent Urfons from spawning. Deal with Urfons before advancing if necessary. Beware Urfons reflect damage.


Cave leading from the starting cave east. Clear the room. Try to isolate groups and deal with them one by one.

* MT waits for adds where they spawn, ignores Barz
* OT engages Barz in his corner, and keeps him away from where adds will spawn, ignores adds
* DPS starts off with minor attacks on Barz
* MT engages three waves of adds that appear at boss morale 120k, 80k, 45k
* No DPS on boss until adds are dealt with, try to time your bleeds
* TA moves between Barz and adds accordingly, DPS follows
* Follow specific tactics when dealing with adds, notably CC stuns Hillmen Slave ASAP
* Watch out for Barz' devastating special attack - when you hear (or read) "I will gnaw your bones" run away from him
* Barz randomly attacks others that MT be ready

* 1st wave - troll attacks members randomly so all but OT keep close to MT and troll master for minimal damage
* 2nd wave - stun slave healer ASAP, interrupt slave master
* 3rd wave - deal with miners first

* Allow healers enough time to heal the group between waves by slowing down DPS


Cave leading from the starting cave west. Similar to Barz fight.

* OT engages Zurm and pulls him to the opposite corner while building aggro
* MT waits for adds in the middle area
* DPS attack boss in the far corner until adds appear when they join MT to deal with them
* MT engages three waves of adds that appear at boss morale 100k, 75k, 50k
* No DPS on boss until adds are dealt with, try to time your bleeds
* TA moves between Zurm and adds accordingly, DPS follows
* Follow specific tactics when dealing with adds, notably CC stuns Hillmen Slave ASAP
* DPS should stay behind Zurm to avoid a special attack


Let friendly giants deal with orc patrols. Avoid further patrols when advancing. No need to clear the whole hall as the boss fight takes place in the smaller room south. Unlike other fights this is a DPS race, however if you pull you risk Frûz getting near the fire.

* MT tanks Frûz in north-east corner, turned away from DPS
* Keep Frûz away from the fire
* Adds will jump from the wall to the south at an interval, keep them away from Frûz (stun, root, dispatch)


Clear the room. Engaging the two big Drakes starts the encounter. Drakes will take off unless addled by burglars, but if this happens they will land once enough ranged DPS is done.

* MT and OT engage the drakes and tank one each
* DPS deals with spawned fire worms
* When Fire Worms are dealt with DPS is focused on the MT's drake
* When MT's drake is down, Zogtark will activate
* MT tanks Zogtark, while OT and DPS finish off the remaining drake
* When last drake is down, all attack Zogtark

Note: For this encounter a yellow hunter or warden can be more effective as the OT.


Group will advance in a single file across the platforms. Take down Fumaroles one by one, interrupt as much as possible. CC and ranged DPS will deal with 3 mobs that will keep coming at intervals while others are still dealing with Fumaroles.

* Two ranged DPS get ready to kill Darkling spawning from either side of the platform
* MT engages Narnûlubat pulling him back off the platfrom
* Beware: Narnûlubat reflects damage while the Seers are up
* OT and DPS deal with Seers one by one
* Once the Seers have been killed, all attack Narnûlubat


Encounter starts when the gate is opened. Try to defeat both bosses at the same time.

* MT and DPS attack Shadow-eater who has significantly more morale
* OT pulls Stone-biter away from others with minimal DPS
* A hunter keep an eye on Darkling killing any that spawn as before
* Both bosses are quickly finished of when they have about the same amount of morale


During the last stage Thrâng is invincible unless you let a volcano explode near him. Explosion harms and stuns tank and anyone else in range. Take time to heal between explosions.

* OT engages the giant Eimyr to start the encounter, tanking him away from the stairs, but in reach of a healer
* MT and everyone else crowd one corner below the stairs, forcing adds to come down
* There will be four waves of adds before Thrâng comes
* (There may be a trick to dealing with 2 summoners in the last wave)
* Thrâng enters along with 4 Shamans, Eimyr leaves and OT joins the main fight
* Kill shamans first one by one
* MT grabs Thrâng quickly, carefully pulling him from one volcano to another
* After each explosions DPS attack Thrâng until the effect wears off


Part 1: Clearing the waters

Do not step into the water during this part - instant defeat if you do.

* Follow and protect Glathlírel as she clears two fountains
* There will be two world-eaters and a number of darkling slugs

Part 2: Levers

At this point Thaurlach will break free. There are two rooms with a lever each that has to be operated. Water in the pool is still deadly.

* MT ranged tanks Thaurlach from the sigil
* OT and one other go into one lever room
* OT grabs the mobs and kites them to the main group while the other member pulls the lever
* When the group has dealt with the mobs, they go to the second room and repeat
* Everyone else stay in the sigil, ignores Thaurlach, helps dealing with mobs as they are brought about

Part 3: Ever-Seer

(Never done this, always moved on to defeat Thaurlach, but always happy to do it the "right" way)

Part 4: Thaurlach

Whenever MT is away from Thaurlach for too long there is a chance to have hope wiped off. When this happens, members of group take turns to reapply hope due to cool downs.

Once or twice during the fight, Thaurlach may put 4 damaging poison effects on MT. These need to be cured as soon as possible. Another effect to look out for is the eye debuff. Cure this within 10 seconds to avoid instant defeat.

When Thaurlach's morale drops below 50k, he may start jumping up in the air and when he lands, anyone within 20m range will be instantly defeated by the splash. When you see him air born, you have a few seconds to run to the sides, including the MT.

When Thaurlach's morale reaches 10k, he will suddenly target Glathlírel. MT or anyone else with taunt should aggro Thaurlach immediately.

In the event MT is defeated, ideally OT has the aggro, and turns Thaurlach back away from DPS until MT is back up.

* As soon as the water is drained, MT runs to Thaurlach
* On knock back, MT runs back to Thaurlach as soon as possible
* MT turns Thaurlach sideways
* Melee DPS positions behind Thaurlach backs
* Everyone else at the sigil, behind Glathlírel
* RK/HUNT/LM cure tank if necessary
* Run away when Thaurlach jumps
* MT keeps aggro away from Glathlírel
Be not so eager to advance that you fail to experience the moment, in life and in all things. -- Deluros, TA 3018
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