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What is a raid?

For the purposes of this FAQ, a raid is a 12-man or 24-man instance in the Lord of the Rings Online.

Is Carefree a raiding kin?

Carefree is not a raiding kin. We do not raid regularly and we do not raid for loot or gear.

Do you guys raid at all?

Yes, we do. Some of us run raids, just like we run any other instance. However, we only do this casually, for fun, for the social aspect. It's a good excuse to get together and have fun working towards a common goal. We may want to complete some quests and experience the story within the raid.

If your LOTRO journey takes you to a place where you are prompted to run a raid, you will be able to do this with us. It may not happen immediately, but we will schedule it and see that it's done.

Do I have to raid?

No matter what your level is, you do not have to raid. If you reach our current level cap and you see some of us raiding, you do not have to join in. Also, you will not be asked to join.

If you wish to join a raid, just tell us in-game. You can also sign up for one of our scheduled events on this website or post one yourself in our calendar.

I was singled out and asked to join a run. What now?

If this happened to you, it was a breach of kin protocol. An officer will never do this, however, some newer members may not be aware of this rule. Feel free to turn them down, knowing you are in the right.

We respect our kinnies' privacy and right to solo derping. We do not interrupt it. If you wish to join us in some group activity, you need to let us know.

I've done raids in the past and felt nervous, unsure and under pressure.

This is a very common feeling for those new to grouping. Simply start with a landscape group or an easy 3-man. Carefree is a friendly Kin where newcomers, returning players and old hands can group up together. Mistakes will happen, skills hit by accident, wipes occur. That's all part of the fun. No player should ever be singled out unless it's for praise or friendly advice.
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