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What's my main stat?

by Narv on Nov 01, 2019 at 01:56 AM}
In Carefree, we don't place too much emphasis on gear, we don't inspect people and we don't ask about their stats. Having said that, I think it's only natural to wish to know what the best stats are for your chosen class. This is not a guide or anything, just my ideas of how to choose between 2 pieces of equally good-looking gear.

So let's say you're a Loremaster, Rune-keeper, or Minstrel. Which pair of pants would you pick?

At first glance, the first one is looking good because of the high values of "main" stats on it. But what happens when we look at what those main stats contain?

120 will = 240 tactical mastery, 120 tactical mitigation, 240 resistance rating
105 vitality = 420 morale, 105 tactical mitigation, 105 resistance rating
165 critical rating = 165 critical rating
Total: 240 tactical mastery, 165 critical rating, 420 morale, 225 tactical mitigation, 345 resistance rating

70 will = 140 tactical mastery, 70 tactical mitigation, 140 resistance rating
105 vitality = 420 morale, 105 tactical mitigation, 105 resistance rating
576 critical rating = 576 critical rating
Total: 140 tactical mastery, 576 critical rating, 420 morale, 175 tactical mitigation, 245 resistance rating

120 will = 240 tactical mastery, 120 tactical mitigation, 240 resistance rating
61 vitality = 244 morale, 61 tactical mitigation, 61 resistance rating
70 fate = 175 critical rating, 70 tactical mitigation, 70 resistance rating
Total: 240 tactical mastery, 175 critical rating, 244 morale, 251 tactical mitigation, 371 resistance rating

Tactical classes wear light armor. They usually have one job: stay back and heal/dps. The important stats for increasing healing and dps output are tactical mastery and critical rating. It's easy to see that the 2nd gear option offers way more critical rating than the others at the cost of just 100 tactical mastery, therefore this is the best pick despite having the least amount of will and having no fate.

Another thing that's worth considering when deciding between pieces of gear is stat caps. Once you've reached your critical rating cap, which is 20-30% depending on class and traits, you should stop adding critical rating and start concentrating on mastery or morale. Similarly, if you've reached your mastery cap, which depends on class and character level, you should stop adding more mastery and concentrate on critical rating or morale instead.

I hope this makes sense. I will gladly answer any questions you might have and correct any mistakes you spot.


Nice! It's always interesting to try to find out how much additional damage/healing +100 tactical mastery represents. My guess is that when nearing the cap it won't be even 1%. Same is true for critical rating I guess.

How do we find these caps?
I usually stack crit first until I reach the cap, when the percentage is not increasing anymore by adding more rating. Is it 9-10k? I can't remember. Traits go over the cap so if your cap is 20% but you spend on traits that increase it, it can go to 25%. Crit is imo the most important stat for healing and dps so I max it first. Then comes mastery. I didn't actually bother much with stats for L50, but I have L60 toons where mastery cap is 200-205% damage increase and 70% outgoing healing increase. Again, I can't remember the rating number needed for this, but 100 mastery rating is basically nothing. Diminishing returns are not really a thing until much higher levels.

LI relics can give you 2000 crit rating per LI if you build for dps or they can give you avoidances if you build for tank. Factor these stats in before you decide on armor and jewellery choices.

Tanks care about mitigations, avoidances, morale, critical defence (max 50%). I like to follow this order, but it's down to personal preference and class. 15-20% finesse is also recommended for all roles.
Good to know that when it is not increasing I have reached the cap. And whatever it shows over are then bonuses applied after the cap from traits, race and what not. See my blue warden has 60% mitigations and that has been a bit of a mystery to me.
One more thing about tanking. The stats you see on your C panel are for T1 instances and landscape. In T2 instances, mobs have hidden stats like mitigation penetration that is directly subtracted from your mitigation rating.

So let's say (just an example, not precise values) you have 9000 physical mitigation on your warden and that is 50% at L50. This means your physical mitigation will be 50% on landscape and in T1 instances.

In T2 instances mobs will have approx. 2200 mitigation penetration that is subtracted from your 9000 so you are suddenly at 6800, which is 44% mitigation. You don't see this in your C panel. If you don't know about this penetration, you'll continue thinking you are capped, which is not the case.

So what tanks do is they figure out how much mitigation penetration T2 mobs have at their level and overcap their mits by that value. In our example, if you wish to run T2 instances with capped mitigation, you really need 9000+2200=11200 physical mitigation. This will be a waste on landscape and in T1, but it helps you stay capped in T2.

There is a guy in the LOTRO forum called Giseldah who he has this calculator, which shows stat curves after the Minas Morgul expansion goes line on Nov 5 iirc.

You can use this to figure out your caps on your level and you can even factor in T2 penetration if you wish. Just select your armor type, your level and difficulty (landscape or T2). Then, select the stat graph you want to see on the right hand side page. It will show you the cap in rating and percentage.
Ah that's interesting, I had no idea.

I don't actually treat the caps as a "okay no need to add anymore" because if I understand correctly when fighting higher level mobs I need more rating to reach the cap for them. For example Thaurlach is whole 4 levels above the Rift raid level.
Does this need an update? they added crit rating and physical mitigation to might for example, now sometimes going for stats instead of raw stats gets me a better result.
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