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When I didn't need another distraction from real life...

by Bid on Nov 28, 2019 at 12:48 PM}
... this happened. I found out that in spite of my absolute lack of musical training or talent, I can play music in the game!

And you can too!

Getting song files

First you will need some ABC song files and LOTRO ABC is a great site to get you started. Place downloaded ABC files in My Documents/Lord Of The Rings Online/Music/. Some come as ZIP and these need to be extracted first.

Getting an instrument

Speak to your local bard for all your instrument needs. The choices may be limited based on your class, however a minstrel can teach you to play any instrument.

Playing solo

Equip your instrument and type /music, followed by /play <filename> (filename without extension)

Playing together (optional)

Fellow up with your fellow musicians. Everyone needs to have the same multi-part ABC file.

Equip your instrument and type /music, followed by /play <filename> <#> sync - # is the number of the track assigned to you, based on your instrument

Multi-part ABC files are sometimes available as a group of files, in which case each musician will pick a file from the group based on their instrument, omitting the #.

Doing this will prepare everyone to start playing, and to actually start someone types /playstart.

Making song files (optional)

If the existing ABC files aren't good enough, or you find out your favorite song is not there, despair not! As long as you can find a MIDI file for the song you want to play, you can convert a MIDI file to an ABC file.

MIDI files often contain multiple tracks for different instruments. The amazing tool called Maestro does just that and allows you to assign these tracks to different LOTRO instruments of your choice, which means you can create ABC files designed for solo, duo, or any number of musicians. Isn't that grand!

Disclaimer: If I seem distant and uncaring to an unusual extend of late I'm probably tabbed out playing with songs. 😀


So you're basically saying even I could do this? Good to knooow. I may be tempted to try it one of these days. :D
My first experience playing music was on my previous character about two years ago. I took the Bree Crafting Hall for my stage and played "What Is Love?" by Haddaway. Or at least I tried to, as halfway into the song I was interrupted by some rude hobbit slapping in the face with cold fish. So playing music can indeed be a rather fun experience! 😃 And it's a real shame that Evernight does not have as big a music playing scene as some of those RP servers that have bands, festivals and such.

By the way, you probably just forgot to include this, but Songbook plugin makes playing music much more convenient and easier.
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