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Epic Battles Training Program Kicking Off

Narv / Oct 28, 2019
Hey Folks!

We are kicking off our Epic Battles training program this week. Runs will be initially scheduled on Thu/Sat event nights, but this can be tweaked based on feedback.

The runs we are doing are Pelargir, Helm's Dike, Defence of Minas Tirith, Hammer of the Underworld. I have to emphasize that this is a long-term thing as these runs are all duos, so I can only take on 1 person per night. We're doing 1-3 runs according to your wishes.

How this works is you join me on these runs as an observer. Obviously, you can also help if you know what to do. I will provide instructions and explanation as needed. The goal is to help you become familiar with these runs and accummulate promotion points that will make your job easier later. You can also randomly earn jewellery appropriate for your level.

How do we decide who is picked for the night? We want to be as fair as possible. First, you have to sign up for the training in the thread I will link below. This is a requirement. The person who signs up in the Calendar for a scheduled run is picked. In case of multiple sign-ups, the person who is puntual and ready to start first is picked. In case of no sign-ups, I will ask in-game and the first person who wants to do it is picked.

If this is something that interests you or you feel you can benefit from it, you are invited! All you need to do is sign up in this thread and note your progress as we go along so I can keep track of who needs what quests, etc.

Happy Gaming!


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