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Moria-Lothlórien: New Level Cap 56, December 15th

Narv / Nov 28, 2019
Hello, my Friends!

Our favorite time of the year has arrived, when it is time for new adventures. The Level 56 Mória Company is founded on the 15th of December, 2019. This is when everyone is free to start leveling to 56 at their own pace. This level cap will be in place until the 1st of July, when the Company expands to Level 60. The cap will not be raised further until the end of 2020.

New Regions

You might be asking how you should plan your journey to conveniently fit your playstyle. Only you can answer this question. However, we can tell you about the things you can do in this coming adventure.

The journey begins in the Hollin Gate region, where the Mória epics guide you through the process of gettng your first Legendary Items and getting into the Mines of Mória. This is a large expansion, not included in VIP, it has to be bought separately with LP or real money. Mória covers levels 50 to 60 and adds several instances and raids for you to play.

Upon exitting Mória on the other side, you come into Lothlórien, land of the Galadhrim. This is a standard quest pack, included in VIP, where all quests are level 60. It adds 3 instances and one raid to the game.

Since you made your home in Carefree, a slow-leveling kin, chances are Mória-Lothlórian is enough content to last you a year. However, if you are looking for more and even feeling a bit hardcore, you can venture into Mirkwood, the next expansion, that covers levels 60 to 65. Enedwaith is another quest pack available to VIPs that covers the same level range.

Instances and Raids

We would like to assure you that the ways of Carefree have not changed. As ever, instances and raids are entirely optional. Those that wish to quietly explore Moria on their own or questing with Kin members can, of course, do so. There will be no benefit in rushing to any level cap as most of our members will take their time playing through the content.

Our simple "on level" rule is in place for instances and raids, which allows participants of levels -3 to +2, with priority always given to on-level players, then lowers, then highers, but within this range only.

In terms of instances and raids, we have a lot of content to look forward to, although most of this will only come into play in the months after July. All of these instances are fixed level, non-scaling. This means you will have to park a character if you wish to keep playing them long-term in the future. Most of these instances are very substantial. They are only tier 1, but it doesn't make them easy. We have:

Mines of Mória:
1. The Forgotten Treasury L54, 6-man (stricktly) with L54 enemies inside.
2. The Grand Stair L56, 6-man with L58+ enemies inside.
3. Dark Delvings L58, 6-man with L60+ mobs inside.
4. Fil Gashan L58, 6-man with L60+ mobs inside.
5. Skúmfil L58, 6-man with L60+ mobs inside.
6. The Forges of Khazad-Dúm L58, 6-man with L59+ mobs inside.
7. The 16th Hall L58, 6-man with L60+ mobs inside.
8. Filikul/Turtle L58, 12-man lair-type raid.
9. The Vile Maw L58, 12-man lair-type raid.
10. 3 new Skirmishes unlocked throught the Mória epics.

11. The Mirror-Halls of Lumul Nar L58, 3-man with L60+ mobs inside.
12. The Water Wheels: Nalá Dúm L58, 3-man with L60+ mobs inside.
13. Halls of Crafting L58, 6-man with L60+ mobs inside.
14. Dár Narbugud L58, 12-man progression-type raid with L60+ mobs inside.

Legendary Items

Legendary Items were a new addition to the game with Mória. Every character has two: a weapon and a class item or two weapons. Legendary weapons have generally less damage than regular ones, but they make up for it through legacies and relics.

Only build LIs for levels you intend to spend some time on. L56 might be a good start, as this is where our first level stop happens. Getting the perfect legacies takes time and dedication, thus only recommended if you enjoy the process. Getting good relics is easy, but it's also only recommended for LIs you intend to keep using for a while.

Tier 4 relics can be brought from the Skirmish Camp for marks and medalions. They can be deconstructed and forged into more powerful relics. Damage and healing classes might want to go for critical rating relics, while tank classes benefit most from mitigation and avoidance relics.

Legendary Items can be bartered for in the 21st Hall of Mória for the following levels: 53, 55, 57, 59, 60. Level 60 First Age LIs (gold in color) will be our final and most advanced LIs in this period.

Mounted Combat

Just kidding. Mounted combat is only for goblins in Mória.

Closing Words

Thank you very much for reading and for being a part of Carefree. Nothing really changes in terms of how our kin operates, but exciting times are ahead nevertheless! As ever, your thoughts and feedback are much appreciated.

"Be not so eager to advance that you fail to experience the moment, in life and in all things." - Deluron, Elrond's Librarian, TA 3018.

Happy Hunting!


Very thorough and comprehensive write-up! Although I'm still very far away from both the Moria and from reaching the new level cap, I'm still looking forward to visiting the Dwarven kingdom and experiencing its content with this wonderful kin.
While I and many of us have alts still slowly adventuring their merry way through Eriador, and some alts stoned on lower levels indefinitely, and given how long we will have to spend in Moria, indeed, none should feel the need to rush at all. We'll still do Garth Agarwen and Rift, when need and want arises.
We only ask that, in case of non-scaling instances, those who wish to join stay within the level range, for example no higher than lvl 52 for Rift.
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